Environment Policy


As the state owned power generator, with its presence across the energy value chain, UPRVUNL recognizes that protecting the environment is essential for sustainable business.

In the context of Environment Policy, the definition of environment covers all the domains of environment – Physical, Chemical, Biological and Socio- economic aspect.

The intent of this policy is to meet environmental expectations and provide actionable guidance, as UPRVUNL strives to foster a culture of excellence and challenges itself for continual improvement.

Policy Statement

“To provide cleaner energy by committing to highest possible levels of performance in environmental compliance, practices and stewardship.”


This policy shall apply to all establishments of UPRVUNL, and each employee shall be made a partner in implementing the policy.


This policy is based on the following principles:

  • Consideration of Environmental factors right from the stage of planning, design and operation of projects to ensure that principles of conservation and sustainability are adhered to.
  • Impact of UPRVUNL’s business environment can be minimized by adopting best environment management practices and state-of the art technology.
  • Accepting accountability for all operations and expeditiously respond to any aberration.
  • Continuous monitoring and sharing of environmental indicators with stakeholders ensures UPRVUNL’s commitment towards continual improvement in environmental performance.
  • Develop each employee as environmental steward by improving his awareness levels while soliciting his commitment.


  • UPRVUNL shall achieve these objectives by:


UPRVUNL shall:

  • Adopt a pro-active approach, place environmental aspects as one of the prime consideration on decision-making process.
  • Identify and manage environmental impacts due to business activities, by adopting latest environment management technologies and practices.
  • Evaluate performance of environment protection equipment, program and practices, with respect to legal provisions and prepare action plans for concerned functional groups.
  • Ensure efficient and optimal use of resources such as land, water, fuel construction materials, oils and chemicals etc, especially the nonrenewable.
  • Spearhead waste management by reducing, re-using recycling, recovering and safe disposal.
  • Adopt more environment friendly and energy-efficient practices.
  • Provide innovative technological solutions to environment related issues.
  • Benchmark parameters to establish and adopt best practices.
  • Take up environmentally befitting projects in areas of climate change, renewable energy, conservation and responsible consumption of natural resources under Sustainable Development initiatives.
  • Adopt principles of green procurement by incorporating appropriate provisions in contracts and procurements.
  • To formulate and adopt separate Policies for Ash, Rehabilitation & Resettlement, Community Development – Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.


  • UPRVUNL shall continue to comply with all relevant environmental regulations, standards and other codes of practice, by operating and maintaining the assets within bounds of permits, consents, and licenses.
  • Concerned group shall oversee compliance assurance of operating stations through reviews and appraisals.
  • All clearances, along with any futuristic requirements shall be accounted for in new establishments and expansions.


UPRVUNL shall continue to identify all stakeholders and engage with them at appropriate levels, to exchange views on environmental concerns and mitigation measures thereof.


UPRVUNL shall ensure all employees are made environmentally aware, to enable them to integrate its principles into their activities and decisions.