Thermal Operation Unit

Thermal Operation Unit monitors generation across all plants and maintains data related with generation & quality parameter and carrries out optimization analysis.

It keeps track of plant problems and keeps top management informed. It also prepares annual generation budget and overhauling schedules and communicates with all state and central statutory bodies.

S. No. Download Order No. Description

Deletion of Unit#01 and Unit#02 of Obra TPS: OM No. 591/CE(Thermal Operation)/UNL Section/ Obra Dt. 15.07.2017.
Size :370.23 KB Lang : Hindi


Deletion of Unit#05 of Harduaganj TPS: OM No. 592/CE(Thermal Operation)/UNL Section/ Harduaganj Dt. 15.07.2017.
Size :369.44 KB Lang : Hindi


Deletion of Unit#03 & Unit #04 of Panki TPS: OM No. 119/CE(Thermal Operation)/UNL Section/ Panki Dt. 17.02.2018.
Size :1.5 MB Lang : Hindi


Deletion of Unit#08 of Obva TPS: OM No. 162/CE(T0)/UNL Section/ Obva Dt. 06.03.2018
Size :1.55 MB Lang : Hindi